Winter Walks; the Flaneur and His Camera

I’ve been taking some long walks and hikes the past few days, over our Thanksgiving holiday here in the States.  It has been fairly cold – just above freezing – but the crisp air and stark light invites the wandering eye upon mountain trails and old village scenes.  There is something special about winter with the relatively quiet forests and long views across leafless vistas.  The same with small old towns; I envision inhabitants sipping cocoa by the fire instead of walking about, leaving the old sidewalks to me and the still afternoon alone.  After looking at scores of images I snapped throughout the weekend, I thought to share a few with my readers.

First, an image from Soldier’s Delight, a state park in Maryland.  The land in central MD was once dominated by these large savannahs, joined by small groupings of distorted, stunted Blackjack oak and Virginia pine.  This 1900-acre preserve is all that is left of the natural landscape.  I find beauty in the power line towers, however ironic their path might be through the preserve.

Soldier's Delight, MD

A felled tree in Susquehanna State Park, along the majestic river of the same name.

Felled Tree

At the end of an afternoon, I wandered into the tiny old river town of Port Deposit, Maryland.

Brick Municipal Building Port Deposit Maryland

There are many seemingly-abandoned houses in this little town.  Wedged between the mighty Susquehanna river and a fair mountain to the north, this town consists of nothing more than the river’s edge, one narrow road and an ancient rail corridor.

Abandoned House in Port Deposit Maryland

A forlorn playground.

Abstract Playground

Another lonely old building, right on the curb of the only road in town.

Old Building Facade in Port Deposit, MD

Last light over the Susquehanna river, standing on the rocky escarpment above Port Deposit.

Sunset on the Susquehanna from Port Deposit, MD

In the design world, many projects are coming to their conclusion and I’ll be able to show some finished photos soon.  Also check my Facebook page for small anecdotes and project updates: