Designer Mick RiceretoMick Ricereto Interior + Product Design is an interior design and product consultancy based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Principal Mick Ricereto has worked in the kitchen and bath, interior design and furniture industry for 22 years.  Working with clients such as Kohler, SieMatic, Amerock, Masterbrand, Ilex, Rubbermaid and Kallista, Mick brings a special combination of fashion and functionality to product and environment design.

This blog is the NEWS section of Mick’s main site, http://www.mickdesign.com

Also on Facebook at http://facebook.com/mickrdesign

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr Mick Ricereto,

    We are the New Delhi (India)-based publisher of Sourcing Hardware (www.sourcinghardware.net). Ours is a B2B magazine serving the specifiers’ communinty which include architects, interior designers, bulk buyers and traders across the country for over 15 years.

    While going through your website, we have selected some images (modular kitchen designs) to be featured on the Cover of the forthcoming issue of the magazine where the Cover Story is on Modular Kitchens.

    We would appreciate if you allow us to use by sending the good quality (300dpi) images of the following link for the purpose, at no cost. However, due credit will be given to the designer.

    Looking forward to the earliest response.

    With best regards,
    Syed Md Ehteshamul Hasan
    Associate Editor
    M: +91 9811 392 395

  2. regarding the Poirot episode from which you posted a couple of pics- the one about the kidnapped prime minister, did you notice the modern speed bump in front of Mrs Daniels’ apartment?

    • No! That is funny though. That must happen all the time with period film. I was watching The Bletchley Circle the other night and noticed the nice little village cottages had modern casement windows. Poirot is back online here in the USA so I will be gorging on more episodes soon. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Just a hi from Holland. Tumbled in by browsing Citroën SM. Love your taste in cars and your renderings even more. Impressve portfolio. It’s been nive to browse your site, keep up the good work! Kind regards, Niek

  4. Hi! I am currently studying for degree in kitchen and bath design. I am currently working on rendering and came across your website. Your work is amazing and inspiring! Do you have any helpful tips or suggestions on creating perspectives and rendering? I would love to hear your suggestions!
    Thank you!

    • Hi there, thanks for commenting. Where does one get a degree in K&B design? As far as generating hand perspectives, one thing beginners often struggle with is making a room look too deep. It is always less deep than you think it is; when in doubt, make it appear more shallow. Study real life and photographs as much as possible to get a feel for room depth. Good luck!

  5. Hi, I am an architect with a special interest in interior and kitchen design. You’ve got a lovely blog. Stumbled on your page through google.

    I am about to be recruited as a design manager in a top kitchen company in my country. I just want to find out if i can ask for a commission on all my designs? Is that the industry standard or it depends on the kitchen company to offer commissions. Thanks

    • Hi there – thanks for visiting. Typically designers get a commission for kitchen sales in the USA, as part of compensation for incentive to keep the projects coming. This is often in addition to normal compensation (monthly salary). In some cases designers may work for commission only, particularly in a large showroom and if coming in with their own resources (personal computer and such). It all depends on the owner of the showroom and what type of work they are seeking/doing. Good luck!

  6. Mick:
    Please remember that I had asked you about the possibility of publishing your article on PRR’s Delair Bridge in the PRRT&HS’s “The Keystone,” which I edit. Any possibility? I’d need the illustration scans, hi-res.
    Chuck Blardone,
    Lancaster, PA

    • Hi Chuck – I vaguely remember us messaging about The Keystone. Did I not reply? My apologies. The thing is the vintage photographs I used were “found” on the internet, so I don’t have high resolution. I believe the HABS photos are license free however. If you are OK with that I am all in to contribute.

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