ISH 2013 – Part 2 – Fixtures

Continuing my report from ISH 2013, the Bathroom Experience show in Frankfurt, I’ll focus on fixtures that caught my interest.  First up, some lavatory basins.

This is a free-standing design by Flaminia.

Flaminia Swirl Lavatory Basin Flaminia Swirl Lavatory Basin

I like the detail of the swirl.  I’m not sure what type of material this was molded in (white matte Corian-like), but it was well done.

Laufen collaborated with Kartell for a collection which had plastic modular shelves and a faucet which had an integrated caddie-shelf.  More on the faucet on my next installment (part 3) but here was the lavatory from this collection.  A nice asymmetric shape, very cubic.  The faucet being very round and the lav being square… I thought this could have a bit more integration in concept but perhaps we’ll look at that criticism closer in the next installment.

Lavatory by LaufenSquare Lav by Laufen

Here is another design from Laufen, this one I think in steel.  I rapped the side and it made a tinny sound, so that is all I am going on.  I love the thin edge at top.

Laufen Lavatory BasinAlape does steel basins too – a company I respect a great deal.  I didn’t get any photos of their designs this time… oh wait yes I did:

Alape Stand at ISH 2013

I like the basin display above.  The selection of wood/laminates was on-trend and the quality and design solid if not exciting.Alape Lavatory

A free-standing lavatory from Zuchetti.  I love integrated towel bars and heightened functionality.  I think we could take this further, showing where/how the soap is used.  Come to think of it, having no flat surface here, this might be better for a powder room or a commercial (boutique-type) space?  Not sure where this type of columnar lav works best.

Molded Lavatory

This is one of those stands I forgot to note the manufacturer’s name.  This was a very nice, white matte finish lav with great proportions and scale.Smooth Molded BasinOn to some baths.

Duravit had a large stand, well-attended as usual.  There were some new pieces by Stark and Sieger Design, but this simple bath caught my eye.  I like the soft but elemental shape.Duravit Bath

A trend in Europe is to have baths up on pavilions.  I really like this as there is a chance to bring more materials in, it gives some accessibility to the bath (easier to get in/out), and also the chance for storage underneath.  Here are some pavilion-type installations:Universal Access Bath

This is from a company called Bette; this was very thin enameled steel.  The edge of the fixture is flush to the edge of the millwork.  Very nice detail.Enameled Steel Deck Bath

Vitra had a large display.  Some of their product was displayed behind veils, and consequently, nobody was paying attention to it.  This was a very well-proportioned bath.Vitra Bath

Something from Burgbad.  I like the “collar” design on the backrest.Bath

Another “collar” bath, this one by Laufen.Laufen Bath

A very large bath by Antonio Lupi.  One person would get lost in here.  Invite a friend!Bath by Antonio Lupi

This was my favorite bath of the show.  Faraway by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zuchetti.  This was released in 2009 but I have never seen it before.  Love the shape, proportion, detail.  The wide edge is seductive.  Zuchetti is always a highlight for me.Zuchetti Bath by Ludovica and Palomba

The last bath pic is actually first I took when entering the show.  I love these sharp-edge Corian-type matte finish fixtures.  The deck would be great for a small TV or candles, etc.

Flat Edge Bath

The next round will show my faucet highlights.  As I mentioned in the first installment, the scale of this years ISH was down a bit.  There were some nice innovations in faucets, however, and since I have been working on a faucet project I was keyed in pretty close to the trends on shape and finish.  I saw some new designs which looked a lot like some things I have been working on, which is maybe not too surprising.  Maybe I’ll show some of my sketches in comparison.


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