Carribean Projects

***UPDATE*** – my client got the jobs for both the house and the development.  Congrats Richard!

I’ve been working with a developer’s consultant on some kitchen renderings.  The projects are in the Carribean, with one project being described as “an American kitchen” and one “Balinese”.  First, the “American”.

Tuscan Inspired Kitchen with Louvered Door Cabinets

My clients asked me to stylize the kitchen in an “American” way, which meant, make it “Tuscan”.  The cabinets are SieMatic 2002RF in Magnolia white matte lacquer, but we added some custom louver-door arch-top wall cabinets, with black iron-forged brackets.  An iron-forge candlelight chandelier, plastered walls and rough-hewn floor complete the look.

Next is the Balinese villa.  This was for a resort development.  The villa has two master bedroom suites with a shared family room.  The idea was to make the kitchen look part of the architecture and not stand out or scream “kitchen!”.  We decided to make all the woodwork the same tones and to louver these cabinets as well.

Balinese-style villa with louvered-door kitchen cabinets

I had to do some research on Balinese-style resorts as I am not familiar with this style.  It turns out this is a popular style for luxury getaways.  Not my first choice for a vacation spot, (something more rustic and remote with mountain biking or adventuring, perhaps), but I can imagine hearing and feel the soft humid breeze rustling the palm fronds while I sit at the table sketching the ocean horizon.


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