New Beaux Arts Kitchen Rendering

I was recently asked to execute a SieMatic Beaux Arts rendering for a colleague’s client presentation.  The kitchen was designed, but just needed to be tuned up for the meeting.  I was given elevations and plan, with the rest of the materials and details worked out as we went.  It was just a matter of selecting a view point that would show off the most features and give a good feeling for the overall design.

The cabinets are Magnolia White matte lacquer, with countertops a combination of stone-look composite Caesarstone.  The floor is porcelain with a stone look.  Many of my colleagues are pointing clients towards composite these days; the resistance of stain is a fantastic advantage over natural stone.  Some walnut accents, eggshell-color walls and a Norwell hatbox light fixture complete the room.  Opposite this view is a symmetrical breakfast room which also has some SieMatic furniture.  Should be a lovely project when completed – hopefully I can see some pictures when it is done.

SieMatic Beaux Arts Kitchen by Mick Ricereto


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