New Kitchen Project – “The Canyon House”

I’ve been working on a kitchen for a house situated in what I will call an “urban canyon”.  The house is situated at the top of a wooded very steep slope, right in the city.  I’ll be out for the installation in a week or two, so I will get more pictures of the site and the kitchen then.  For now, a teaser; here is the original rendering of the kitchen.

Hand Rendering of SieMatic Kitchen at Canyon House

The design has changed slightly; the wood counter was deleted and the back wall layout is changing a bit, but this gives the spirit of this great mid-century house.  The ceiling is a fantastic tongue-and-groove in a natural but dark color.  Lighting this space will be tricky (the lighting design is still under development), but I’m sure we will need a combination of spots and uplights.  The house has a rough stone exterior, and cream Roman brick details inside.  Overall it has a slightly Schindler feel.  Here is a view of the exterior, from last autumn.

Exterior of Canyon House

The kitchen is right behind those huge Nana Wall concertina glass doors.  I might give some suggestions for the outside railing as well.  Stay tuned; I will post more pictures after my upcoming site visit, to show the installation in process.


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