Project in New York

I have recently been retained to design some kitchen variations for a condominium project in NYC.  The architect’s plans were a little generic, so we prepared some concepts for the developer in hope of winning the project.  Following is a study of two variations.

The focus was on elevation C; the rest of the layout was the same between each variation.  The design consists of a basic island-within-rectangle layout with two entrances.  Elevation A and B consist of tall cabinets, with the work surfaces focused on the island and elevation C.

Floor Plan for SieMatic Condo Project in New York City

The developer’s architect placed the cooktop in the center of wall C.  I executed a few concepts which visually broke this predictable symmetry.  Version A is an example of how we used differing depths with wall and tall cabinets to create visual interest.

SieMatic Kitchen Project for New York City Condo

I executed some marker renderings at a tight angle to show the entire kitchen and also to illustrate the changing depths to good effect.  I placed the tall cabinets on the left, so as to open the kitchen up towards the windows.  This also allows a flow with food storage moving towards the right towards preparation and eventual serving.

SieMatic Kitchen Project for New York City Condominium

Version C was the best of the symmetric variations.

SieMatic Kitchen Project for New York City Condominium

For the renderings, I created a base drawing and then created the variations for elevation C, adding them later as layers in Photoshop.

SieMatic New York Condominium Project

The cabinet finish is Sterling Grey Gloss lacquer in each instance.  I took some time to carefully place the reflections on the cabinet surfaces to get the right amount of sparkle.  This is an area which digital rendering has a good advantage… you just dial up some parameters and you get the look you want.  Hand rendering is still a time-efficient process for me, and of course it is very enjoyable.

I’m not sure which variation was received best, or if the project is moving ahead.  I will update the post if we win the job.


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