More Recent Kitchen Renderings

I recently finished two more renderings for kitchen design colleagues.  As mentioned in a prior post, I usually don’t have any involvement with the design when I do outside renderings.  It is enjoyable to keep in touch with other designer’s work and experience some fresh solutions to typical and atypical kitchen design problems.  First up is a small kitchen in an average-sized North American home:

Hand-drawn kitchen color marker rendering

This design has some tricky 45 degree angles on the left side, which required me to find an angle to cover most of the room.  The wall which would be “behind the viewer” in this perspective is omitted, but usually these perspective drawings are intended to merely give a feeling for the room and the client should refer to the elevations for the full design.

Next was a large kitchen for a colleague on the west coast.  This kitchen had an eclectic mix of materials and features a mosaic tile backsplash on the back wall.  I am happy with the floor treatment and complicated stainless steel appliance highlights and reflections, but I realize I usually make my kitchen renderings too light overall.  I should start to lay down more shadows and contrast to make them a little bit more photographic.

Hand drawn color marker rendering

I like to have fun with the “free elements” such as lighting and stools, exterior views, etc.  In this case I designed some kitchen stools on the fly; I was thinking of something in the vein of Otto Wagner.  I made the stools square in plan but with radius corners, added a cane seat pad, but then colored them in a lighter wood reminiscent of Scandinavian furniture.  Ah, creative license.

These next two renderings were for a luxury housing development.  The builders needed to see how the kitchens would look in both options, modern or “traditional”.  Although they are the same layout, it is interesting to see how the exact same room and same point of view shows how different the environment will be just by choosing different cabinets and accents.


Hand Drawn Kitchen Perspective Rendering

And Traditional:

Hand drawn color marker kitchen perspective drawing.

With the furniture I work with, SieMatic, the traditional offerings are usually more “transitional”.  It’s really just a recessed panel cabinet door on a European-style cabinet box.  I have designed very detailed traditionally-made kitchens before however.  At some point I will photo or scan in some older renderings when I was doing Smallbone kitchens – that would be an interesting contrast to my recent modern work.


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