Showroom Concept in Middle East

Earlier this year I worked with our SieMatic partners in the middle east on a showroom concept in Qatar.  It turns out this particular project fell though; we are now working with another retailer and an entirely new building.  Here are some highlights from the now-defunct, but interesting older project.

Original Exterior Concept

Original Exterior Sketch for SieMatic showroom in Qatar

This was my proposed design for the building exterior, with a view from the curb.  This building was wedged between a small parking lot and another building on a busy boulevard.  Not having visited the site or the country, I think my idea was a little too western in nature.  After some conversation, I cleaned up the design:

Final Facade Design for SieMatic Concept

This view, taken from the neighbor’s lot, shows a much-simplified look to the building.  The owners liked the idea of a giant photo mural of a kitchen scene, in lieu of the windows they wished for (the front of the building had another tenant).

Here are some of the interior views:

View back to entry from display 2


SieMatic S2 display concept for SieMatic Middle EastDisplay 2 was a large S2 in Truffle Pine.  Originally the client did not like the bronze-gold glass cabinet details as seen above.  I updated the display to be “more clean”.  Here is another view from the entry area itself:

Display 2 Updated Design, alternate view.

Displays 3 and 4:

SieMatic SC20 display for Qatar in the middle east

Display 4, SieMatic SC10These last two displays were facing the back area of the building, where other furniture lines would be presented.  Its good to put the consultation table/samples area in the back of showrooms in Arab countries.  Men shopping with their wives should not be visible from the outside of the showroom, through the windows.  Although we rarely have room for it, I’m thinking separate consultation rooms are really the appropriate solution.

Here is the final display.  We added this at the end of the project, in a small “bonus area” at the front which the adjoining tenant wished to give up.  I liked this concept the most – it was partially hidden behind building structure and I usually like the smaller “compact design” ideas as I need to be very creative with small areas.

Display 6, SieMatic Compact Design

I did these renderings in a “quicker style” with just thin black marker down first, followed by color markers.  Lately I have been doing the base drawing in pencil, scanning it and then cleaning up, then printing and coloring.  This quick style takes half the time; I might have to bring it back into rotation because I have been doing quite a bit of rendering lately.

Now that the new concept is underway, in a new location, it’s good to get closure on these old concepts and let them retire to the archives.


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