SieMatic Haus Fair 2011 Highlights

Each September SieMatic – one of the leading luxury kitchen brands in Germany – has an in-house exhibition of new products.  Other brands in the Westfalia area also have fairs at the same time, such as Miele, Leicht and Poggenpohl.  Because of my studio development work with SieMatic, I try to attend every year.

This year saw an update of the Beaux Arts product, which was introduced by American designer Mick DeGiulio.  We had a private product introduction and tour and also had dinner with Mick and SieMatic CEO Uli Siekmann.  Here are some of my highlights:

SieMatic Haus Fair, Beaux Arts

This is the Sophia Loren-inspired Beaux Arts kitchen by Mick DeGiulio for SieMatic.  This display has a modern edge, with just enough femininity and traditional cues to keep it classic and sparkly, without falling over the edge into glitz.  The backsplash surrounding the cooking area has sliding Silestone panels which reveal dark walnut shelves.  The Bizzaza mosaic is very fresh.  Overall, there is a lot of gloss with lacquer cabinets and polished stainless glass-framed upper and tall cabinets.

SieMatic Beaux Arts

This is an inside corner treatment showing all the materials and highly-tailored way to resolve the different surfaces.  The tall polished stainless steel cabinet is seen at left.

Polished SS Tall Cabinets

Here is a detail of another Beaux Arts display (which studio shots can be viewed at SieMatic’s website).  This shows the 45cm wide SS glass tall cabinets, a mirror-effect toekick (which gives the impression that the cabinets are floating), and more metal-finish cabinets to the extreme right.  Overall, the effect of the new Beaux Arts concepts are very modern, unexpected and filled with enthusiastic design details.

Breakfast Height Living Room Seating

At the end of the room was a fireplace/entertainment vignette by Mr. DeGiulio.  He introduced this area as “breakfast height seating”.  By using very soft and low chairs (16.5″ seat), paired with a lowered table (I measured 22″ high), you get an incredibly relaxing and conversation-enducing environment.  The scale of the room all comes together when you are seated this low.

LED Lights

There are presently many excellent lighting options by SieMatic.  Much is not available for the USA or Canada yet, but in principle they could all be approved soon.  This under-cabinet LED strip has a remote control so you can cycle between RGB-style colors, or switch to bright white for task lighting.

LED Glass Shelf

This stainless steel and glass shelf system has the same cyclical LED mood lighting.  I designed a similar shelf system years ago but it did not see production.

Tall shelves by SieMatic

Speaking of shelving, there were other concepts debuted this fall.  This one is a system of tall vertical panels in 28mm thickness, with user-defined horizontal fixed shelves. The front edges can be in contrast to the panel surfaces.  These thick shelves are off-trend to the many thin panels we have been seeing (as thin as 10mm), but this chunky look is a fresh departure, and the contrasting colors can be a powerful design tool.  I like how they are open at the top and bottom.

Floating Shelves

This display shows another new shelf system, a “floating” cantilevered system of panels, concealed vertical standards and shallow-depth shelves which can be up to 200cm wide.  The standards are set at 6.5cm, which allows for alignment with various door and drawer heights in the 13cm cabinetry system.  Its a very crisp look.  Again, contrasting colors will allow much design freedom.

Also in the above display is a dark oak finish of base cabinets, with a “monoblock” look without any handles.  (The tall cabinets are in a very dark grey gloss lacquer with attractive graphite-bronze handle finish).  The monoblock cabinets have an electronic touch-latch actuation, which was popular at the Milan fair last year.  I personally do not like these latches and find no real practical use in a real, working kitchen.

Floating shelves

This close up of the floating shelves shows an integrated hook rail which is part of the system.

Handle Display Board

This is a new handle display system by SieMatic.  In Europe and the rest of the world, furniture drillings are defined by a 32mm matrix.  This allows for a standard in handle widths to be consistent across the industry.  SieMatic showed this 32mm flexible strip for showing handles, which allows you to pull the samples off and rearrange them as needed.

It’s not all work at the Haus Fair, as we were treated to a dinner at a Bielefeld restaurant which is a modernised, deconsecrated church called Glueck and Seligkeit.  I met some folks who sell the SieMatic product in Canada and California and got to reconnect with some old SieMatic friends.  Bielefeld is a small city but walking back from dinner, along the typical neat German sidewalks with divided bike lanes and expansive greenery, helps get me back to the fair every year.

Glueck and Seligkeit Restaurant, Bielefeld Germany

For further product information on SieMatic visit their global website


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